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In the face of shrinking enrollments –

partner with your students on success!


Our mission:

Re-Envision customer service

Coming from diverse two-year and four-year institutional experiences as faculty and administrators, we love students and learning, but we know that service challenges today can be daunting. We train staff to become role models for service excellence as they encourage students in turn to partner as great customers! Staff deliver the institutional brand identity that made students come there in the first place!

Our personal experience, as well as enrollment management background, brings special sensitivities to the non-traditional, first generation, culturally diverse student population of today. When staff value and serve every student as a unique individual they help institutions discover service improvements that go way beyond mere satisfaction.

Our passion:

We love students and learning

We went to college or university straight out of high school and never left. Some of us, first generation students ourselves, struggled at first. We had weird roommates, flunked French and fell in love. We finally got our own apartments, passed French, fell out of love, but got pretty good at college. We got undergrad degrees, grad degrees, were grad assistants, then professors and, eventually, administrators. We believe college has the power to transform. We’ve seen it, we’ve done it, and we’ve lived it.

Remember how exciting it was when you first went to college? It was the future – it was your future. College was all about knowledge, creativity, and innovation – changing the world! We believe today’s students, now more than ever, need partners to help them navigate the increasingly complex world of higher ed. We’ll help you put this exciting potential back into the conversation with every student you help today.

Let’s improve student success, one student at a time!

Our uniqueness:

We’re Insiders! No other organization currently offers customer service training programs specifically geared to the higher education professional. Our programs are taught by tenured professors and certified trainers with classroom expertise who are also experienced administrators who have led and managed staff professionals in delivering service excellence in higher education.

Our services:

We offer consulting, assessment, training and certification, project development and project management in the areas of student service improvement. Although we do not help you establish a brand identity, we help you acquire service standards and training that will match and support your established brand throughout the entire student journey till graduation.

Our process:

Individuals work with us at national training and certification conferences, or in personal coaching and mentoring contracts. Institutions contract for services: onsite training or consulting on business process redesign or campus wide initiatives. Starting with an assessment of needs,  a proposal, quote and then contract follow that locks in the dates and deliverables! Complex projects may require months of advance planning.


Consulting and Staff Training: Customer Service for the Higher Education Professional

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