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Fresh out of ideas?  Sometimes all you need is another pair of eyes on a problem to give you new pathways to a solution. Assessments of current service challenges can quickly reveal opportunities for improvement.

Need a One Stop? Consulting includes assessment of readiness to integrate services. Planned outcomes can include improving the student user experience, examination of current service levels, staff training in negotiation and brokering service level agreements, reorganization of staff roles and responsibilities, business process redesign, paperless processing with workflow management, and how to report success.

One Stop Phase Two? Consulting includes assessment of current One Stop to reveal new opportunities for service improvements that may include business process redesign, elimination of forms for paperless processing, staff reorganization and use of data mining to provide evidence of success, as well as areas that need additional improvement.

Need a new perspective? We can help you determine the win-win of a new game plan that can get students working with you on the same team!

Need a Contact Center? Project can include integration of telephony phone service queues across multiple student service offices, including training staff techniques on how service delivery changes in the face of integration by phone. Service channels of phone, email, text, chat and social media can be included in the project.

Are your staff stressed and tired? Folks are working very hard but not working smart which is exhausting! Been there. What you need are some service techniques to provide quick relief from the daily grind.

Customized contracts range from one quick conversation to  a long-range plan of meetings by phone or in person – with leadership, with office teams or just coaching one manager. It’s all determined by your needs!

Blended One-Day: Consulting and Training

 One Stop: Integration of Services

Assessing readiness, opening a new One Stop, or revitalizing your existing One Stop? Morning starts with brainstorming plans, solutions, spaces and build-outs, then it’s customized staff training in the afternoon. One day, on your campus, with targeted outcomes!

 Contact Center: Strategic Phone Services

Phones are still the preferred customer service channel so morning is all about your telephony strategy, being mobile ready, implementation plans and space evaluation while the afternoon is training in service excellence by phone!

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