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Customer Service Certification

Certification Training

Susan gets us and knows our jobs can be both rewarding and difficult. She is able to enhance customer service training and tailor it around higher ed, which has a culture all its own.”


Academia is an industry built on measurements, from GPA’s to class ranking, and many others. These are indications that participants have attained a certain level of expertise, right? So why not have a customer service higher education certification training for staff professionals to demonstrate their expertise in service excellence? Well, we have it! We actually have three separate certificates ( Silver, Gold and Train the Trainer), each with a set of clearly defined techniques that you learn and then demonstrate successfully in order to gain a certificate during the training process.

Silver Certificate: Delivering Service Excellence

During this course, you’ll learn specific yet customizable techniques to provide service excellence for today’s students and their families on your campus. From scripting service responses, to learning how to handle infrequent but challenging long lines, to knowing when to escalate the student to a supervisor, you’ll learn and practice new techniques that will fill out your current tool box. Read more

Gold Certificate: Managing and Measuring Service Excellence

This course covers the skills of leading and managing changes in service on your campus. From improving or establishing campus wide service standards to negotiating and brokering the full cooperation of staff across offices, staff who help lead change or manage those staff who will deliver the changed service are all going to learn exactly what they need to get that done! Read more

Train the Trainer: Training Service Excellence Standards

The only course with a pre-requisite (sorry), this one requires that you hold a Silver and Gold certificate. We require that you have the basic techniques already in your tool kit, since this course really focuses on lesson planning and classroom management techniques you will need to customize the training for your campus. Read more

“This training exceeded my expectations and will help me be a better front-line service provider to our students, I am sure.”

Here’s how it works You register online for a specific course location, date and time.  At the registration page, there is an agenda, hotel room discounts, etc. We send course preparation details.

Please call with any and all questions! We got you!

Below is some general teaching style information.

It’s Interactive: I know that you’re thinking. You’re too shy for things like role-play, but, hey, don’t you want to know that you truly understand the techniques? The value added of an interactive training program like ours is that you make your mistakes with us, if you are going to make mistakes, in a safe space! And you get feedback on what you need to practice and perfect. Once back on campus, with the student standing in front of you or you or you standing in front of your staff, you will have worked out the kinks, and be good at these things! Seriously, we all understand, and we have fun, but never at your expense, promise!

Pre-Training Prep: We’ll send you an email ahead of time that outlines what you need to prepare or read ahead of time. In each course, you bring a specific service challenge to work on and you leave with a solution! We will send you information so once you get to the course,  you’re prepared to work!

Assessments: We use assessments all during training so that we know how you’re doing and can adjust the curriculum or speed of delivery by getting feedback on what’s working for you! We check in with you regularly to ensure that you are understanding and applying the techniques.

Role-Play: There is a lot of role-play, especially in the Silver course, so that everybody understands the techniques being taught. Working with a partner, you will take turns playing the service rep (you!) or the customer (student, family, staff or faculty colleague?).

Videotaping: In all three-certificate programs we use video for role-play, mock meetings or mini-training demos, again to prove you got it! We video one final prepared role play in Silver, one prepared group mock meeting in Gold, and one prepared min-lesson in Trainer!

Written Assessments: In all three of the certificate courses, there is also a written component.  This helps those of us that prefer to write rather than demonstrate! In Silver, it’s a simple exam based on the Silver techniques, Gold has a case study where you apply the Gold techniques to a challenge you choose, and finally, Train the Trainer requires a written training project complete with lesson plans, etc.

Certificate: The certificate is sent to you attached to an e-mail since we believe in being paperless! But you can print it, and frame it, if you prefer. It testifies to the veracity of skills obtained, and, like a diploma, attests to a person finishing a course of study, providing evidence of recognized professional standards demonstrated.

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