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Needs Assessment

Are you ready to Re-Envision student services?

These checklists can help you assess your readiness.

Individual Assessment Checklist

  • Are there explicit service standards on campus?
  • Do you work directly with students and families?
  • On which service channels do you work?
  • How do you describe working with students?
  • Have you had prior customer service training?
  • Do you have particular skills you want to acquire?
  • Do you manage staff that work with students?
  • Are you responsible for service improvements?
  • Are you responsible to report on service quality?
  • Do you prefer to work on your campus?
  • Do you prefer to travel and network with new colleagues?

Institutional Assessment Checklist

  • How do students describe your service?
  • Do you have survey data on student service?
  • Do you have bottlenecks and service lines?
  • What service channels are troublesome?
  • How does your staff describe your service?
  • Are there stats from your Student System?
  • Do you prefer campus training opportunities?
  • Or sending staff to national conferences?
  • Do you have a budget for service improvements ?
  • Are you seeking consulting for management?
  • Are you interested in Staff Certification?

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