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Silver Certification

Silver Certificate – Fundamentals for Service Excellence
(15 hours)

“Thought I knew how to answer the phones, but this training taught me to speak to people how I want to be treated. And it works!”


Silver certification training is all about the delivery of service excellence. You’ll learn easy, effective techniques that keep service standards high at all times and you’ll have fun doing it. Final assessments, both written and videotaped, demonstrating the service techniques, complete the certification process.

Topics include –

  1. Re-Envision Customer Service
    Why now? Contextualizing why service is critical today.
  1. Service Exchange and Scripting
    Basic communication etiquette and customized responses.
  1. Triage and the Conversation Cycle*
    Technique to clarify and prioritize the customer’s needs.
  1. The Service Personality; Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
    How does personality impact the service exchange?
  1. Efficiency: Speed vs. Accuracy; the Weave*
    When time is tight, can we be efficient and polite?
  1. In the Shoes of the Student Customer
    Empathy for the student helps manage demands.
  1. Delivering “No” and other bad news *
    What to say when you can’t meet expectations.
  1. Escalation Pathways and Dealing with Difficult Customers*
    Handing the difficult customer to a supervisor may be best.
  1. Compliance and Service Excellence
    FERPA and service: how do they go together?
  1. Competencies for Service Excellence
    Where does it say that in my job description?
  1. The Look and Sound of the Service Professional
    Professional expectations for dress and voice.
  1. Stress and the Service Professional
    Ways to manage the personal wear and tear of customer service!

Who Should Attend

All staff in a college or university who serves customers directly, even if that means colleagues or parents, not just students should attend. This course is also powerful for a staff that manages others who deliver the service. No matter in which campus office staff work, these customer service delivery methods can be applied. Since participants script their own role-play scenarios, the situations are customized! We just help wrap the technique around that scenario!

Attend as a Team

Whenever possible, teams of staff from the same institution should attend this training together. We have repeated evidence that if possible the learning is increased when staff teams participate together. Working on the same or preferably separate but related service challenges, the solution success is exponentially valuable. There is a discount when teams enroll together.

Learning Goals

You bring the challenge, you take home solutions! Whether you are the one students talk to first, or you manage that front line staff, we can help you Re-Envision your current service techniques. Confirming those techniques you have that are working, tweaking those that may sometimes fail, and finding new techniques to plug into those tough times when things always go wrong- we can help you take home amazing solutions that can be applied right away!

Networking Value Added

Because you attend with staff from across the country and beyond, there is a real value added in hearing how other schools are managing their student service challenges. You make friends right from the top, and the interactive nature of the training, combined with the social reception and lunch opportunities; make building relationships that last beyond the conference very easy!

It’s an amazing experience! If you have any questions, just give us a call or complete our web form. We’ll get back to you right away!

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