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Trainer Certification

Trainer Certificate – Teaching Techniques for Service Excellence (12 Hours)

“Extraordinary content and exceptional facilitation! Susan and the SLC team’s work experience in Higher Ed adds immense value to the learning.”

Erica Brown, Learning & Development Officer, Brandon University

The final lap! The crowning certificate! Trainer certification training allows staff holding Silver and Gold certificates the opportunity to learn how to customize the training at their institutions. Curriculum includes teaching competencies for basic delivery, thorough and detailed agenda and lesson planning and evaluation, plus classroom control techniques. A final written assessment of a customized training plan, plus videotaped practice teaching, complete the certification process.

Topics include –

Technique Review

Thorough review of SLC service techniques helps kick off the course. Participants share their successes and challenges using the various techniques.

Training Competencies

The behaviors professional trainers must exhibit – Always prepared, on time and on topic, staying above the gossip.

Materials Preparation

Scheduling the time needed to train, assessment of training needs
Lesson Plans – Content and timing, agenda planning, ice breakers, lectures and demos, interactive techniques, assessments, evaluations, follow ups.

Practice Training Video

Try your mini-session on camera.

Additional Considerations

Learning styles, classroom management

Who Should Attend

All staff that will train peers in customer service on their campus should complete the Trainer certification. Staff must first obtain the Silver and Gold certificates, but once they have acquired those, they are eligible to enroll in the Trainer course.

Attend as a Team

Whenever possible, teams of staff from the same institution should attend the Silver, Gold and then this final certification training together. Teams can attend the three certification training in one week, or can attend individual certificate training together to obtain the same benefits. We have strong evidence that the learning is increased when staff teams participate together. Working on separate but related service challenges from the same campus culture, the solution success is exponentially valuable. There is a tuition discount when teams enroll together.

Learning Goals

You bring the challenge, you take home solutions! Whether you are the one students talk to first, or you manage that front line staff, we can help you Re-Envision your current service techniques. Confirming techniques you use that are working for you, tweaking others that may sometimes fail, and finding new techniques to plug into those tough times when things always seem to go wrong- you can take home amazing solutions that can be applied right away! We help you develop a training plan to use once you return to the office.

Networking Value Added

Because these sessions work best with a smaller numbers and everyone has attended Silver and Gold, you tend to form a bond as a cohort of learners. Although participants are from many locations and institutional cultures, you make friends quickly due to the shared experiences of prior Silver and Gold training. Plus, the interactive nature of this course builds relationships that last forever!

We promise you will love this course, will take home real techniques to customize training, and will have this certificate as a true resume builder! If you have any questions, give us a call or complete our web form. We’ll get right back to you!

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